Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I wish it could be more...

...but I only have time for 524 words today.

But! There should be much rejoicing because I figured out the thing that I couldn't figure out with the plot and now it's figured.  I will have to go through the whole darned thing to make the figured out stuff work, but I will do that at the same time I make my romantic hero Irish all the way through.

My main character's main squeeze is from somewhere on this map. Anyone know from where, exactly? His name is Ryan (for now). Do you know him? Do you know where he lives?

In other news...

Oh my gah! I just yawned so hard that I almost dislocated my jaw. Apparently that means I am tired and should start wrapping up my day and go to bed. But the internets! They are so shiny!

I'm looking forward to The Chef returning from Man Camp (where they hunt and drink and act manly) tomorrow.  If I go to bed now, his return will be that much closer. A week is a really long time!  Thankfully, that BFF of mine came and saved me from myself for a few days!

Two more weeks of school after this week, which is more than halfway done, so we can stop counting it. Two. More. Weeks.  And you know what that means!  The birthday countdown begins!

25 days until my birthday!
(Shop early; shop often)


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