Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You think I haven't been writing.

But you would be very very wrong.

I have. I've just been forgetting to tell you.  In fact recently, there was a 1494-word day and a 1775-day.

And just yesterday there were 1083+783 words, which makes...

(please sing to yourself for a minute...)

1866 words! That was on my new book, because I'm waiting for the Ending Fairy to come down and bless me with a satisfying ending for Julia.

Yes, this is the Ending Fairy. She also brings cake to celebrate.
In other writing news, I'm thinking about starting a blog based on writing alone because I'm sure you non-writers would rather stick a fork in your eye--or maybe a spork for more scooping action--than read about angsty writing stuff.  Just thinking about it.  In a procrastinating actual writing kind of way...


  1. Words! Yay...Penny's back in print! I've missed you, my girl!

  2. I've missed you, Gaelie! Next time I'm at Jame's, we are DEFINITELY getting together, whether you like it or not!!! XOXO