Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shiny Antics

The Chef and I were at BJ's Wholesale today getting a few things. Right when we walked in, a guy handed us two raffle tickets and mumbled something about the jewelry department.

I carried the red stubs in my hand like they were winning lottery tickets (foreshadowing, in case you missed it).

Then we were about halfway done shopping and people-watching, the voice of god or someone on a bad PA system or god on a bad PA system said we should all go to the jewelry kiosk so we did because we are very obedient.

We had to be present to win. Present as in shouting distance, which meant we had to listen to his spiel about this fine fine jewelry line and its lovely gold plating or spray painting or something.

Me: Can we not listen to this anymore and go?
Jewelry guy: blah blah blah
The Chef: Nope. We're going to stay for the whole thing. [He loves torturing me like this!]
Jewelry guy: ...and it's available in white gold!
Audience: Ohhhhh!
Me (whining): Please can we go?

This conversation went on for about four hours or maybe four long minutes.

Me: I don't even want to win the ugly necklace.
Other audience members: Oooh! Pretty!
Me: Harumph. Can we go?

Then the jewelry guy tossed around the raffle stubs in a plastic grocery bag and pulled out the winning number.

Our number.

We won the lovely necklace below. Look how on one side the charm is yellowish and more whitey on the other side. Classy.

Jewelry guy said it was a real CRYSTAL! The Chef asked if he could sell it in eBay and retire.

Jewelry guy was not amused.

But we were! We laughed and laughed and then bought the fixins for Manwiches.

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