Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look, Kids, I may be from New England but...

I loves me some Steelers.* So sue me.

And I may have spent a major international holiday in Steelers Country. (If you're guessing my birthday, then you're guessing right!)

The Chef: Let's go to the overlook.
Me: Can we not?
The Chef: Is it because you're afraid of heights?
Me: Yes.
The Chef (taking my hand): Then we're definitely going.
Sister of The Chef: You should have said you were cold. Then you wouldn't have to do it.
Me: So noted.
By the way, I am not screaming. It was effing cold and wind-chilly. Actually, maybe I am screaming.

*I mean, it's not like I've ever said I wanted to see Tom Brady's Patriots head roll down the field while still in his helmet.**

** What? Oh. Well, I may have said it, but only, like, once.***

***Fine. Once times a million.

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